There are many different ways to catch a chub

Aug 25, 2016

Summer is for Smallies

In the summertime the best way to beat the meat, I mean heat, is to get out on a river, sip on cold beer and catch a few smallmouth.
At Chubs U we've been lucky enough to get out a handful of times and actually catch good numbers of fish except for that one float we did at high water and all of us got skunked (seriously though 3 guys all day not one fucking smallmouth brought to hand, its ok though we each brought 10 beers from hand to face).
As far as the beer goes, keep it simple and cold. I like double IPA's and of course we all like to guzzle down an Old Chub here or there, but not when your grundle is as humid as Southeast Asia.

Smallies don't often swim away peacefully.


Summer is winding down, I can feel that SOB old man winter waking up. Get out while you can.

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