There are many different ways to catch a chub

Mar 30, 2016

In Bloom

Spring is here again. 
 A couple of the CUM's decided to head driftless for Easter weekend and try some new water.  It was chilly and overcast most of the time, but the BWOs made an appearance and the browns were hammering them.  

Nature is a whore

Look out behind you
Blue steel
Be careful you never know what cracks these guys might squeeze into
Don't be an animal, throw it in the toilet, or swallow it like a man

Mar 23, 2016

Winter Driftless

With the Wisconsin early trout season now starting in January I decided to head up for some winter camping, hiking and fishing.  I spooked a few nice browns, and didn't see another person fishing all weekend.  I got pulled over outside Madison, but got away with a warning, then I got stuck in a snowbank, and smashed the shit out of my bumper trying to get into a campsite, a good trip all around.  
I know a dog who does not enjoy winter camping
This creek is straighter than most of my friends 
Black coffee and wood smoke 
Nothing like a nice stiff chub to start the day.
Its a damn coyote highway on top of that bluff

Mar 9, 2016

Manitowoc County

 After the Bears crushed the packers on Thanksgiving day we decided to go full FIB, slap some bears decals on a bright orange car,  and head up to Manitowoc county to not catch steelhead.  

There are some scary creatures that lurk around Manitowoc co.  There's something askew with this pointy fingered slimy fish man.  

Right there, that's where they won't be
A nice place to be mocked by steelhead

Mar 2, 2016

Land of Lincoln Bass and Musky

It's March, and although sleet/snow is cumming down in the Midwest, spring floats are right around the corner.  With football season over, we need some type of excuse to casually drink 12 beers on a Sunday.  
The flatland has some good looking rivers that don't get much fishing pressure.  Most small river floats you will see the occasional paddler, but rarely do you see other fisherman, and fly fisherman almost never.  

Spring is a good time to try new beers.
Oculto tastes like someone poured a cheap shot of tequila into a bud light lime, and then pissed in it.
Stick with Dale's 
You don't  have to travel to the northwoods to catch a musk on a fly.  Last spring this tiger gave us a pretty big creampie surprise while casting slump busters for bass. 

Mar 1, 2016

Chubbs Peterson

The Chubs Unlimited crew would like to welcum, and officially announce our new spokesman: Chubbs Peterson!  

Chubbs Peterson is a former golf pro who has spent the last several years studying our riverine friend the chub.   He is not to be mistaken for the poser "Chubbs Peterson" in the video below.  Do not be fooled by him, he is NOT affiliated with Chubs Unlimited.