There are many different ways to catch a chub

Guided Trips

At Chubs Unlimited we offer full and 1/2 day guided trips.  
Clients have the option of a "walk and wade" or float trip.
We guide for the following species:
- Smallmouth
-Small stream trout
- Salmon/steelhead (Great Lakes tribs)
Prices vary and are negotiable

So come fish the Great Lakes tributaries with one of our trusted guides. We guarantee you'll be cold and wet by the end of the day. Our handful of professional guides have collectively never caught a steelhead, but believe me they have tried!  We know what doesn't work, which should (theoretically) help you figure out what does work.

Listen to some of our Testimonials:

"My guide for the day, who claimed his name was Phillio, fell out of the boat seven times trying to net fish for me.  Pulling him back into the boat got very old. I left no tip and will not be using their services again"

"Went out for a smallmouth 1/2 day float with Pat, a CHubs U guide. He made ME row the damn boat while HE fished. He kept telling me the oars were upside down. Never again."

"Had a strange experience with Philio from Chubs U. I like to have a few beers on the river, so when I looked in the cooler and saw 25 beers I thought great, I can have a couple, but no this guy proceeded to drink all 25 beers and didn't let me have 1 sip.  We caught a couple trout." 

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