There are many different ways to catch a chub

Jul 22, 2014

Memorial Day Northwoods

Our crew headed to the northwoods for Memorial Day to get out chub on, hard.  We hit both lakes and rivers. The water levels were high, and they may not have been the only ones. Our buddy who hadn't fished for musky very much ended up with two nice ugly pike on day one.  I've been trying to catch these things for years and have solo uno to show for it. We were able to see a few muskie spawning in the shallows, but they didn't care for my streamer. 

Just a nice quiet place in the northwoods.
The fish of 5 casts off the dock.
Sometimes you drink too much, sometimes you drink so much you pass out and fall out of your canoe .
Man make fire
 If you think smallies aren't pretty you are dead wrong