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Toad's Cream Chip Beef Corned Beef Hash Combo Can
Toad's CCBCBHCC is the official food of Chubs Unlimited.  We always start our day of fishing with 1 can each.  There's no better way to fuel yourself for a long day on the river than with a belly full of salted meat.  Go get yours today.  Thanks Toad's!!

Echo Glass 3wt

I saw this rod at a fly shop in Nashville, while I was there for a bachelor party, and it really stuck out to me.  I know nothing about fiberglass rods(or really any rods) except that this one felt pretty awesome in hand, and I thought it would be great for the tiny driftless streams. I played around with a few other fiberglass rods like the Redington butterstick, but I just liked the feel and action(and price) of the little Echo. I almost made an impulse purchase, but I was in Nashville to get drunk, listen to country music, wrestle my friends, get a black eye and eat BBQ.

A few weeks later I decided I wanted a rod I didn't need and purchased the Echo Glass 6'9" 3wt. I Paired it with the Airflo Super Dri River and Stream on a recommendation from Mat at the Driftless Angler.

I got to play around with the rod on a small lake catching a few bluegills, it roll casts like a dream.  Where this really shined is the overgrown driftless streams during a trico hatch.  I'm normally not a huge fan of casting size 22-24 tricos, but I have to say this rod made it a ton of fun.  You feel every headshake. I'm still not fully accustomed to the slower  action (this is the rod I was using when I hooked a friends face), but I'm getting there.  
Yes, this rod works at catching fish.

PHILIO Styrofoam 12wt C.U.M. Limited Edition Chub Slayer

I know what you're thinking, "Of course I've been fishing, I've caught a TON of fish." But I've got news for you. You are wrong. Fucking dead wrong. Because a man (or woman) has not truly experienced the art of fishing until they have thrown out a tangle of line with the Chub Slayer by PHILIO.

I came across this rod, as we all have, in the outdoors section at my local Wal-Mart. I was stocking up on bobbers and night crawlers, when this Limited Edition beauty caught my eye. Made out of heavy duty styrofoam, the same as is fond in Subway sandwiches, this rod is thick and stiff, PERFECT for casting out a size 2 hook loaded up with the biggest worm you've ever seen in your life.

I've been taking this bad boy into the bath with me every night for the past week, and I swear to Gord Almighty that I have never been able to catch chubs as quickly, or as often, as I have with the Chub Slayer. The stiffness allows you to really swing your chubs around, and the action is everything you could want in a chub stick: slow and jerky, just like your chubs like it.

I know what you're thinking (again (I always know what you're thinking)), "of course a C.U.M. endorses their limited edition Chub Slayer," and for once you'd be right. In fact, we make $100 on every $50 rod sold. That's right, Wal-Mart is selling our rods at a loss, just to get the Chubs Unlimited brand on their shelves. Keep an eye out for the Chub Slayer and other great PHILIO products.

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