There are many different ways to catch a chub

Apr 29, 2015

Winter's Cum and Gone

Winter's cum and gone again
Unfortunately I have only fished the early season driftless twice, both in march, both cold with slow spooky trout.  Mainly just tying knots and drinking beer next to a stream.  The chubs have eluded me so far this season, but spring is here and I will catch a chub one way or another!

No more snowy banks, time to break out the chacos and get the feet wet

Took a break from spooking trout to hang out with this sculpin who didn't seem as bothered by my presence.  Trout can be assholes, but sculpin are always cool, and they make an awesome IPA. 

He could be on the cover of a beer bottle 

Something a trout sometimes eats 


First dry fly trout of the year, we're on to bigger and better chubs.