There are many different ways to catch a chub

Aug 12, 2015

Southern Wisco Bass

Summer is a time for beer and bass

Catfish on a crank

A few morning beers + casting into a tree= falling out of the boat
Smallie love 

Wedding Season

We were lucky enough, that our friends had the good taste to plan their weddings near some nice fishing spots.  It may be hard to keep your suit from wrinkling when its packed next to your waders, but it was definitely worth it.

Chub searching for a stripper

The sunrise in this valley outside of vail was unreal
The trout were small, but the scene is pretty big

Nothing better than showing up to a wedding, wet and smelling like fish

Jul 31, 2015

Old Stomping Grounds

Back in the University days a few of the Chubs crew frequented a small creek in Ohio to escape studying and football practice.  We drank Labatt, smoked bugler, found a bunch of cow and deer bones, and caught a few smallmouth.  We also got harassed by the Ohio grassman at one point for checking out his hut.  
 Grassman hut circa 2008, he threw rocks at us. 
 Back in the day the cows would watch us fish and drink
On a college budget it was tough to let go of any lure, even if it was a 30 cent curly tail 

Five years later we were able to head back there, nab a few smallies and rock bass before heading to reunion events.  
 Back in this with the fly rods
Damn fine creek 

Apr 29, 2015

Winter's Cum and Gone

Winter's cum and gone again
Unfortunately I have only fished the early season driftless twice, both in march, both cold with slow spooky trout.  Mainly just tying knots and drinking beer next to a stream.  The chubs have eluded me so far this season, but spring is here and I will catch a chub one way or another!

No more snowy banks, time to break out the chacos and get the feet wet

Took a break from spooking trout to hang out with this sculpin who didn't seem as bothered by my presence.  Trout can be assholes, but sculpin are always cool, and they make an awesome IPA. 

He could be on the cover of a beer bottle 

Something a trout sometimes eats 


First dry fly trout of the year, we're on to bigger and better chubs.  

Mar 12, 2015

Driftless 2015 Opening weekend

Spring is here, it was in the 40s for opening weekend this year about 4x warmer than last year and about 4x more fish caught.  Early season fishing is perfect for those who prefer the juice of the barley.  You don't have to be up early to catch fish, so there's plenty of time to eat and get rid of a hangover. The bite really shuts off in the afternoon, so there's plenty of time to build that hangover.  

Scouting out a nice bend 
Nice little streamer eating brownie
Back in this 
Ardbeg, Dale's, Chili 
Its been so long since we last met
It looks tiny, but it's waist deep in there

Jan 13, 2015

CUM's Southern Adventure

The chub lovers headed south this November for a shot of salty surprise.  We caught a few fish and drank lot of Lone Star.  This was my first time fishing saltwater on the fly, and I would go back in a heartbeat.  I caught a flounder on a gurgler which I didn't think was possible. Redfish are just badass. I don't think there's a fish that has gotten my heart racing as fast as the big red I lost under my kayak (musky included).  

Flounder on the fly

 Searching for tailing reds

Eel on cutbait

Looking out at the bay

It feels like your fighting a frisbee

We're a small dedicated group of mullet fly fisherman 

Ol' Red

Ugly mug

Matagorda sunset 

Jan 7, 2015

Steelhead Skunk

A group of us headed to Michigan New Years day in a futile attempt to catch some winter steel.  Unfortunately no one hooked up, but we spent 3 days hiking around a stream, tying flies, and drinking whisky so all is good.
The trip started on a bumpy note, with our last member delayed from running off the road and hitting a support cable.
 Making flies that are repulsive to steelhead
 Unfortunately all six of those bottles are now empty
 someone please make a rod with heated guides 

 After spending all day trying not to get wet/fall in the river, we willingly jumped right in.  
  We been through every kind of snow there is. Little bitty stingin' snow... and big ol' fat snow.
A beautiful place to not catch any fish 
 Fly Poker
Under the water, carry the water