There are many different ways to catch a chub

Nov 13, 2013

Chubs Unlimited Memberships

Hello and welcome to Chubs Unlimited!
We have undergone major changes here, and I would like to welcome you to our newly titled blog focusing on the always overlooked chub, the fish no one targets, and no one ever wants to catch. We're here to tell you the  chub takes a backseat to NO other fish.  They're as hard as anything you've ever felt before.  They require the stiffest of rods!
 If you would like to sign up to be a Chubs Unlimited Member (C.U.M for short) please contact us here.  In the distant future expect this to be the place where you can get all your official CUM gear (hats, t-shirts, etc).

Aug 13, 2013

California Trouting

After long delay here is an adventure from late March.
Somehow the Banger and I found ourselves drinking Sierra Nevada, while fishing in the Sierra Nevadas.

our guide scouting for mountain lions and marlin

a good brown from the Walker river

After fishing driftless streams all spring every fish here seemed enormous, but apparently 16-20inch browns are the norm

I don't spend much time nymphing, I'm usually throwing streamers or dries, but this trip made me appreciate the skill involved in nymphing and how difficult mending line can be.

This was my first time on an actual guided fly fishing trip and I have to say it was pretty awesome, kudos to Lake Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters and our guide Peter, he kept us on fish all day and was a damn good story teller.

Mar 13, 2013

Driftless Doubleheader

Opening weekend was cold, we knew it would be cold, so we decided to camp. Every sane person I spoke to before the trip told me "you know its going to be cold up there" yes I am aware it is cold in Wisconsin in March. Wisconsin did not disappoint as we pulled into our campsite at a breezy 2 degrees F, but that's what beer, fire and most importantly firewater are for.

Fishing was tough, but we did manage to catch some

after a long wait it felt good to get back in the creeks chasing trout again

Our second weekend proved to be more productive, and more refined as we did stay indoors (even though our cabin flooded).  With the rain on Saturday water was still running clear and fish were pretty active, all of ours were taken on streamers. 

Its nice to catch one in the first 5 minutes

 This guy slammed a woolly bugger after feasting on another brown
 You know you have good friends when they hike around cold streams in the rain/35 degree weather with you for 6 hours
 Driftless Paradise

Sunday the same streams were running like chocolate milk but I did hear from another angler that several streams were still running clear 
 The Bishop branch was not one of them
When no one was catching anything Dan caught his first trout on a fly rod
There were midges and stoneflies hatching on the banks, but with fast and stained water no rising fish

In two weeks myself and our redfish aficionado bassbanger will be hitting up the East Walker river in the sierra nevadas in search of rainbows and cutthroat. 
The following weekend will be our Troutporn southern unit writer's first driftless trip and 
that will wrap up the most fishing I've ever squeezed into a one month.

Feb 24, 2013

El Toro Rojo

Not a trout and I didn't catch it with a fly rod but here is the monster red I got on cut bait near Matagorda, TX

Feb 12, 2013

Who's Got a Chub?

8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~

☆ (Last Year Early Spring)☆
8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~ 

♥17 days left till we embark on our chub journey hand in hand.♥

 8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~

Ground Rules for catching chub:
Catch a chub= Personal Chub time in the tent 
1 chub = 5 min
2 chubs= 10 min
3 chubs within 1/2 hour; well then you get a half hour with your chub.

**These rules may change due to lack of chub**

~ Ye Ol' Chub Timer
8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~    8===⊃~~

Feb 11, 2013

CO to TX

Poudre River

After spending two great years in Fort Collins, Colorado, I decided to make a move down to Austin, Texas this last July to take a new job.  The timing on this seemed poor because I felt like I was finally figuring out the fickle beast that is the Colorado trout (although getting skunked on the famous Frying Pan River on one of my last days out there suggests otherwise).  Based on previous experiences in the south, I worried that my access to good fishing would be pretty limited without owning a bass boat (who wants a boat with seemingly mandatory glitter paint anyway? see below).


Boy was I wrong

Lake Austin

Trout (probably just got dumped out of the truck)



El Gulfo
 Between the great bass fishing in the nearby rivers and reservoirs, to the (hatchery) trout on the Guadalupe River, to the saltwater action in the bays and surf, the possibilities are pretty daunting.  It isn't quite the same as the Poudre Canyon, but it's still pretty nice.